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  • Is everything going to be EXCATLY THE SAME?
    Though many of the old menu items will remain on the new menu, we are focusing on freshly made recipies and seasonal produce to ensure a high quality product. We are going to start with our proposed menu but if there is something that you would like to see on the menu, please let us know, in person, we hate to find out through a negative Yelp review. It's like being cyber bullied! We take things people say about us very personally, so please before you give us a 1 star review for being different than the old owners, maybe you could try a new dish?
  • Please tell me that the taco salad is going to be on the menu!
    Yes! Not only that but we are adding a fajita salad as well!
  • Please have much of the old stuff, it's what many of us are looking for!"
    The menu is going to stay pretty much the same, we love the old stuff too! That's why we wanted to keep the name, refurbish and update the building, to restore it to its former glory while respecting it's history.
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